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Drs. Cruchaga and Karch receive new funding to advance personalized medicine in Alzheimer Disease

Drs. Cruchaga and Karch are some of the Washington University investigators that received funding from Centene to perform molecular phenotyping of Alzheimer’s cases to identify novel molecular biomarkers and the identification of novel therapeutically targets.

Specifically we plan to develop a personalized medicine approach to understand the effects of Alzheimer’s disease risk genes by combining multiomic approaches in human biosamples and patient derived cells. In previous studies (Shan et al., Translational Psychiatry 2019), we combined RNA-seq from brain tissue and Induced pluripotent (iPSC)-derived neural cells from individuals carrying Frontotemporal Dementia Mendelian variants to identify novel genes leading to disease and to identify novel therapeutic targets for Frontotemporal dementia. We plan to use the same approach but in Alzheimer’s Diseases focusing in specific genes: APP, PSEN1, PSEN2, APOE and TREM2.

More information about this new funding mechanism can be found here

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