Fuhai Li, PhD

Assistant Professor, Institute for Informatics and Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Fuhai Li is an Assistant Professor in the Institute for Informatics, and Department of Pediatrics. He earned a PhD in applied mathematics (information science) from Peking University and completed his pre-doctoral and postdoctoral training in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology at Harvard Medical School and Houston Methodist Research Institute, respectively. 

His research interests include developing novel machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) and signaling network models to integrate and interpret big and diverse pharmacogenomics datasets with omics data of diseases samples to identify essential dysfunctional signaling pathways and networks, biomarkers, drugs, and drug combinations to treat complex diseases such as cancers and Alzheimer Disease (AD). His lab has developed a set of computational algorithms and tools for signaling network analysis, drug repositioning, and drug combination prediction. Examples of these achievements include 1) novel computational and AI models developed to predict and model the essential signaling flow/propagation pathways on the complex disease signaling network to predict the essential targets/network targets and interpret the mode of action of drugs and synergistic drug combinations; and 2) novel computational and AI models to identify the novel dysfunctional signaling pathways within individual cell types and predict drugs/drug combinations to perturb the signaling interactions among multiple cell types in disease microenvironment.

His goal is to identify novel signaling network targets and effective drugs and synergistic drug combinations using novel computational and AI models that integrate and interpret big and diverse pharmacogenomics datasets.