Welcome to the NeuroGenomics and Informatics (NGI) Center

The NeuroGenomics and Informatics Center is a multidisciplinary team working at the forefront of personalized medicine.

The goal of the NeuroGenomics and Informatics Center is to understand the biology of neurodegeneration by using high-dimensional omic data and functional genomic approaches.

We leverage these approaches to identify novel genetic variants, genes and pathways implicated in disease, and new molecular biomarkers and therapeutic targets.


Largest Brain and CSF pQTL Analysis Published in Nature Neuroscience

Chengran Yang, a PhD candidate in the lab of Carlos Cruchaga, is the first author of a manuscript just published in the prestigious journal Nature Neuroscience. He used multi-tissue proteomics to identify hundreds of proteins that are genetically regulated. By using statistical methods, such as Mendelian randomization, he was able to implicate several of these […]