The Hope Center DNA/RNA purification core has recently acquired new instruments that allow the extraction of nucleic acids from a larger variety of tissues, at a higher throughput, and at a more competitive price.

The DNA/RNA purification core offers DNA extraction from whole blood (large or small volume), buffy, buffy coat, saliva, buccal swab, blood cards, plasma, cultured cells, or tissue. RNA extraction is available from most tissue sample types as well.

We use the Autogen FlexStart+ platform for large volume DNA extraction and column-based purification on a Maxwell 48 automated workstation for small volumes of DNA or RNA.

We also offer DNA and RNA quality control, low and medium throughput SNP genotyping (1-30 SNPs), APOE genotyping, Sanger sequencing, sample storage, DNA/RNA normalization, and DNA/RNA plating for transfer to GTAC@MGI (or another service provider) for genotyping or sequencing.

We use a TapeStation 4200 to assess up to 92 DNA and RNA samples per run for quality. Genotyping is performed using Sequenom, which can handle 96-1000 samples at a time.