MS4A4A is the major regulator of TREM2 levels

Drs. Harari, Benitez, Karch and Cruchaga leveraged biospecimens obtained from large and well-characterized human cohorts to identify a novel protective gene for Alzheimer disease, MS4A4A, that is also the major regulator of TREM2. This study provides a strong evidence of a biological link between TREM2 and MS4A4A in microglia in the context of AD. However, […]

Novel protective variants for Alzheimer’s Disease risk identified

A study led Dr. Kauwe lab and in collaboration with Drs. Karch and Cruchaga identified rare variants in RAB10 that protects against Alzheimer’s Disease risk. In this study Dr. Karch lab performed the functional studies and Dr. Cruchaga lab contributed genetic data. A video explaining the findings can be found below:

Leveraging IPS-derived neurons and brain tissue to identify novel genes implicated on Frontotemporal Dementia (Links to an external site)

R406W causes a specific form of frontotemporal dementia. We found that GABAergic dysfunction in postmortem tissue from people with sporadic FTD or progressive supranuclear palsy, but not in Alzheimer’s disease. Also highlighted in Alzforum: