We have developed multiple on-line tools and browser to visually explore the data we have generated.

Online Neurodegenerative Trait Integrative Multi-Omics Explorer (Ontime)

We provide an interactive explorer to query the results from GWAS analyses of  AD-related phenotypes and plasma, CSF, and brain proteomics

Link to Ontime

Single-nuclei RNA-seq expression browser

We recently developed a browser to explore the cell-specific gene expression in human brain by leveraging single-nuclei RNA-seq.

The browser can be found here.

Multi-tissue proteomic data

We have generated high-throughput proteomic in CSF, plasma and brain tissue from sporadic Alzheimer’s disease, autosomal dominant AD, and controls. This browser provides an interactive explorer to query the proteomic analyses and identify proteins with differential levels in health and disease.

Here you can access the browser for proteomic and for meteabolomic data

Digital Dencovolution of Brain RNA-Seq data

Coming soon